Alcohol Age Limit? 18 or 21

April 11, 2011

My Reflection

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Which ever way I might want to put it I think we can all agree that alcohol is somewhat bad for young adults and leads to them not making smart and ethical decisions.

Throughout this project which has had its up and downs Ive learned that there is alot more information out there than i thought on the subject. Although alot more people are for a 21 drinking age the ones who believe it should be 18 are still fighting.

Where I stand on the issue of whether kids should drink at 18 or 21 is that while seeing as I am a young adult most people would assume that I might go for a 18 drinking age. However that is not the fact.

I think while lowering the drinking age to 18 might stop excessive drinking it will also cause younger age drinking than before. Drinking excessive amounts when your only 14 or 15 is a horrible idea.

I have learned a lot about my topic from writing the blog because I now feel like I have a valid view and point on the issue to where if anyone was to argue with me about the drinking age I would be sure to assert my side.

There is also a lot more information than I thought out there on drinking and alcohol so before you start drinking I recommend that read the facts and understand and choose wisely.

April 8, 2011

Affecting the Brain

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In modern life today when kids get excessively drunk people often seem to wonder why this happens what makes the brain trigger in such a way that a person acts completely different from when they are sober.

Heres the facts though alcohol contracts brain tissue and depresses the central nervous system. Also, alcohol destroys brain cells and unlike many other types of cells in the body, brain cells do not regenerate. Excessive drinking over a prolonged period of time can cause serious problems with cognition and memory

Also when alcohol is introduced to the synapse, the normal neurotransmission may be affected which helps trigger normal body function in the brain.

Many people while drinking also experience difficulty walking, blurred vision, slurred speech, slowed reaction times, impaired memory and usally almost throwing up, dry heaving and a hangover the next morning. While getting drunk may sound cool it only leaves a handfull of painfull after effects.

Other features that affect the brain and how the person acts in general is how much and how often a person drinks, the age at which that person began drinking and how long they have been drinking for. The person’s age, level of education, gender, genetic background, and family history of alcoholism and whether he or she is at risk as a result of prenatal alcohol exposure; and that persons general health status.

As we can see as far as effects on the brain and body with alcohol all you seem to get is disaster. It clearly cant be that fun to drink if your throwing up but yet many kids still do it. Its even been said that smoking might be better than downing a couple of beers. This effects you even worse if you are younger because your brain and body is still developing.

April 7, 2011

Opposing Views

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Up until now I have not really shown both sides to the argument in the drinking case. The ones that want to keep it 21 which are backed by alot of government health agencies such as the American Health Association see the debate as more of a way of decreasing highway fatalities.

However most argue that an increase in the drinking age decreased highway fatalities it did not stop drinking from going further underground such as frat houses and closed houses where kids hide from the law.

MADD is a major force behind keeping the drinking age up to 21. MADD stands for mothers against drunk driving. During the 80s the organiztion fought to raise the age limit because of huge increase in alcohol related deaths.

MADD argues that kids get drunk faster than adults and unlike adults do not know when enough drinking is enough. Also MADD argues that when teens feel they have their parents’ approval to drink, they do it more and more often when they are not with their parents. When parents have concrete, enforced rules about alcohol, young people binge drink less.

Opposing this view is a recently new organization called the National Youth Rights Association. The Youth rights group fights for civil rights and liberties for young people. NYA argues that when you are 18 you are judged mature enough to vote, hold public office, serve on juries, serve in the military, fly airplanes, sign contracts and so on.

The NYA also states that while others claim that lowering the drinking age will only put alcohol in the hands of 15 and 16 year olds. NYA backs up their point by stating that while their is no way to stop this a smarter way should be tried considering that nothing has changed with minors in possession.

March 30, 2011

21: Is It Time to Lower the Drinking Age?

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Drinking Age Debate

This video shows effects and statistics of drinking alcohol. It brings to light the debate between agencies that are for and against lowering the drinking age. It also serves as an interview as between two different sides of a stand off between groups that prefer the drinking age to be 18 and between the groups that feel it should stay 21 which are backed by many prestigious medical and well known government groups.

It is often said that where there are parties there is most likely alcohol. Today that can definitely be seen as true because of the fact that many minors get their alcohol from brothers and sisters or kids that they know that have connections in college. Kids then bring the alcohol to parties and end up getting completely blasted which is their idea of having fun.

In the video in which John Mccartal shows CBS news that 1 kid at a certain party got so drunk that he passed out out and never even woke up. Mccartal thinks that in fact if the drinking age had been 18 that kids might have called for help or taken him to a hospital.

The drinking age was raised to 21 in 1980 early 1990 in order to reduce traffic highway fatalities that were becoming more and more frequent. But in fact some people that seem to favor lowering the drinking age has led to a rise in the case of extreme drinking because the fruit has become more forbidden.

Kids and Teens at the early age of 17 and 18 minds are fully developed enough to handle the effects of excessive drinking. Prohibition as it stands is out of the question due to the fact that it has not worked in the past and no matter what kids will still get alcohol. Maybe the best thing to do is lower the age and save our kids.

March 28, 2011

Breaking Down the Problem

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couple of my friends

couple of my friends

Drinking as many older people really see it is a big problem that is getting out of hand because too many kids are not being responsible enough and making either the right choices or are not being smart about their alcohol consumption.

In time magazine John Cloud writes a good article in which he states some points that should be considered in the alcohol debate. Cloud states “in almost every other legal and cultural respect, you’re an adult at 18. You can vote, adopt children, sign up for Iraq or become a commercial pilot at 18. Treating alcohol differently helps turns it into a holy grail of adulthood”.

This is a valid point because yes at 18 you are technically considered an adult. However Cloud also seems to also go back against taking a side on lowering the drinking age. He points out that if their is to be supervision in bars who would provide it? Surely not bar owners who would be glad to sell as many drinks as they can to highly intoxicated kids.

Cloud also puts out some percents about the number of kids killed in traffic accidents involving alcohol. Cloud states “In 2006, 2,121 people ages 16 to 20 died in alcohol-related fatalities on U.S. roads, according to data compiled for me by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; in 1984, the figure was 4,612″.

At this point their is still more research we can do to see what the more responsible choice would be.

Read more:,8599,1812397,00.html#ixzz1HtjaGetp

Read more:,8599,1812397,00.html#ixzz1HtiH0YrQ

March 24, 2011

Why the drinking age should be lowered: An opinion based on research

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downing a brewsky

downing a brewsky

Despite various arguments on why the drinking age should well in fact be lowered for a while now there has been no reasonable or factual research to support lowering the cause to age 18. Ruth C. Engs is a professor of applied health sciences and psychology at Indiana University.

Engs has brought to light that kids today are not taught responsible and controlled drinking habits. Engs believes through role modeling as she says ” drinking could be taught through role modeling and educational programs. Mature and sensible drinking behavior would be expected.” However despite this some people seem to believe that who would watch over these kids to make sure safe drinking is being followed. NOT the bar owners who would love to sell all the alcoholic drinks they can to make a huge profit.

Engs also states that in Europe their is no age limit because in fact kids are not pressured to drink. Kids in European and other societies are taught responsible and controlled drinking that sticks with them for the rest of their life. In Europe irresponsible drinking behavior is never tolerated.

March 7, 2011

Drinking Age? 18 or 21?

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Should the drinking age be changed to 18 rather than 21 . This is a major issue because many people seem to believe that if the age is changed less people will drink under age because it won’t be as fun to break the law.

Drinking in fact is a huge problem in the united states and just about anywhere. Not only do adults seem to be using time to get drunk and wasted but young adults are also taking part. This is very bad for young adults because their body’s haven’t fully developed yet and aren’t fully capable of handling excessive amounts of alcohol.

Many people in fact seem to believe that if the drinking age is lowered to 18 that less people will spend their time drinking because it will be less fun to break laws. This applys mostly to young adults and teens because they mostly see breaking the rules or laws as a cool thing to do but don’t fully see the effects of their actions.

Sometimes teens and young adults end up getting caught in the act. They find themselves at a party where a lot of alcohol is being served and are usually  tempted and pressured into taking their first drink. However after leave these parties or while at them some of these kids get caught. They get pulled over by the police are breathalyzed and get charge with MIC or MIP.

Others see as that if the drinking age is in fact lowered that even more kids will drink because the age will be lowered. They feel as that kids still haven’t fully matured yet and that by 21 most kids have. Since most kids are closer to 18 more kids will drink because they will see it as a smaller crime because some will be 17 when the drinking age will be 18. These people feel the drinking should stay the same to allow more time for kids to develop before they start drinking and decrease underage drinking.

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